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Sorry if you already answered this question. I am having a hard time finding where to subscribe to digital arrow season 2.5. Is it to soon to subscribe?


Okay, anon, I’m back with an answer! I tweeted ComiXology about subscribing to the Arrow Season 2.5 digital comics. 

I asked:

Hi! Release date I know… but there’s no page on the site for subscribing early, right? I’m not blind & missing it? Thanks!

Their (very quick) reply was: Not at this time, but we’ll look into it. Thanks!

so there ya go.  We’re not missing it.  It’s not there yet.  Hopefully soon.  I’ll keep an eye on the site and soon as I see a page go up, I’ll be sure to link.

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  1. stilettoroyalty said: Customer support sent me a tweet yesterday essentially saying that advanced orders where not available. That September 1st is when you can place your order.
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