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Updated! Sins - Chapter 15 by Smoak & Arrow (rated M)

First a huge, huge thank you to everybody who has been so patient in waiting for updates on this.  I truly appreciate it.  I’m feeling much better now so hopefully I can get caught up with the prompts I’ve missed from stilettoroyalty's awesome Olicity Hiatus Challenge.

Chapter 15 is now posted.  I hope you enjoy it and thank you so much for reading.

Chapter Summary: Oliver tries to win Felicity’s confidence. An unexpected call leads to an unexpected discovery, and Felicity connects a few dots. Or should that be… circles?

Story Summary:

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Wow. Inbox flooded with “What the @#$^ does ‘og Team Arrow’ mean?!?!?”

I can only assume that Stephen Amell, when using OG Team Arrow in the caption of the Arrow/Flash cast picture in reference to Emily Bett Rickards/Felicity, did not mean Oliver Garden.  So that leaves me to think he meant it as “Original Gangsta” Team Arrow.  As in referring to “a veteran gang member.” So Emily Bett/Felicity: Original veteran member of Team Arrow.

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Marc Guggenheim shared that Sherwood Forest Florist image above as a teaser for Season 3.  Previously, he shared a pic related to Felicity that included the above Robin Hood poster.  Obviously Arrow shares a canonical connection to Robin Hood mythology, but I’d love to see this used to shape the developing romance between Oliver and Felicity, too.  I’m feeling the need to read the Robin Hood novel now.  Olicity doing a modern day homage to that classic couple would be awesome!  Pretty please, thecwarrow

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