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Anonymous asked: Hi, I want to preorder the Arrow 2.5 comic from comiXology, but I don't understand how you read them...? Idk maybe I missed it lol, I know it's digital so do I just read them online when it comes out or do i need to download something to read the comic on? I don't know if you know the answer lol, but I thought I'd ask. P.S.: you always give the most accurate info!! :)

I know this answer!  Yes, they are digital and yes, there are a few ways to read them.  Whether you download them or read them online (you can do both from how I understand it) depends on how you plan on reading them. You can read them on the website (via your account library) or any of the ComiXology apps for your Windows 8, iphone/ipad, Kindle Fire, Android device.

From ComiXology’s FAQ section: Where Can I Read These Comics?

When using your browser to read on our website, you will need an active internet connection. When using an app, you can read downloaded comics offline as long as you are logged in.

So, for me for example, I take that to mean that I can access these comics via my desktop computer browser through their website as long as I’m online.  If I want to read them offline, I need to use one of the apps (like I am with my Kindle Fire) to actually download them to the device to read whenever I want, internet access or not.

Does that help?

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Spoiler(ish) 'Arrow: Season 2.5' Reveals Hidden Story Between TV Seasons

The Arrow Season 2.5 Digital First Comics will be available first from ComiXology on September 1st.  You can pre-order and/or subscribe to the entire series at their website (see my post here for all sorts of links). 

What is Arrow Season 2.5? 

“Essentially what we’re doing is, we’re telling a story between two sets of episodes,” Guggenheim explains about the series, which is set during the five month gap between the second and third seasons of the CW series. “Season 3 is designed to stand on its own feet without requiring anyone to do any outside reading, but what the comic book will give is a deeper appreciation for some of the moments [in the show], and a more complete narrative experience. If you want to go deeper into the story, that’s what Season 2.5 is for.”


Arrow: Season 2.5 No. 1 will be available digitally on Sept. 1, with a print edition (collecting two digital chapters in each issue) launching the following month.

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