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1/ favorite olicity moments

I loved this exchange.  I like how Oliver appreciates her skills and is always amazed by what she can do. I think that’s one of the reasons I like Oliver and Felicity together so much.  She’s always expecting people to react negatively to what she does / who she is.  Oliver always surprises her by thinking she’s remarkable. 

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Arrow Season 2.5 - Digital Comic Book Info

According to information tweeted out today by Marc Guggenheim, the Arrow Season 2.5 digital comics (those bridging the gap between Season 2 and Season 3) will be available in September.  Print editions will start in October.  It will also be available as a trade paperback collection.  Lots of formats for everyone, which is awesome.

In other tweets he mentioned that they will “first be available from comicXology.

So keep an eye out for it come September.  Soon as I see links for it, I’ll be sure to share so people can check it out for purchase.

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Anonymous asked: Hey! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! IT'S PERFECT!!! I wanted to know what you think that Stephen would prefer: do you think he likes Felicity or...L/S?? LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

I think Stephen enjoys working with a lot of people and I think what gives him, the show, and the character the best story would be his number one priority.  And thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog!

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Spoilers! Arrow Casts Felicity's Mother — For Real, or For Flashback?

TVline has a really friendly comment section, so if you have a moment, please drop over and leave a quick comment supporting Felicity and development of her character, and of course, Olicity if you’re inclined.  TY!

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Anonymous asked: Oh my god I'm absolutely in love with Sins and The Love Business! I just have two questions. Did the divorce papers for Oliver and Felicity actually go through in Sins, or are they still married? And, in The Love Business is Oliver/Laurel or Oliver/any other girl a thing? Or is it just Felicity? Thanks!

Hi, Anon!  Thrilled to hear you’re enjoying both Sins and Love Business (both, by the way, I plan to update at some point on Sunday.  I’ve been on the road, my beta’s been traveling… it’s been a weird week).  To your questions:

1. No the divorce papers have not been filed.  I think the last we saw Felicity gave them to Oliver to sign and give back to her.  They will pop back up, of course.

2. There’s only 1 sister in the Love Business, which is an AU story like Sins.  I have a policy against writing any character I don’t like into a fic.  Any character I use I like — even if it’s a love to hate them way — but any character I find nothing redeeming, entertaining, or that leaves me apathetic won’t be included.  Unless, of course, I just need a name to stick in there because they’re part of the countless dead.  They always have to serve a function.  So….. I think that maybe answers a question about both stories, actually now that I think about it. LOL.  But No.  There is no Oliver/anybody in Love Business in that direction.  He’s too busy running the empire and shouldering all the family responsibility to be involved with anybody for long.  Sara is in that story but she’s with Tommy.

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Anonymous asked: Why is Oliver being so protective over Felicity sooooooo hot !!!!!

LOL!  Well, assuming this is a serious question… one could delve into the whole genetic hard wiring women have toward wanting the strongest man in the group and why, but from a fictional, storytelling standpoint, I love a good Alpha hero.  I want to be very clear here that Alpha heroes are not dominating, demeaning, controlling asshats. 

To me, true alpha heroes love their women.  They respect them.  They are men and they’re not afraid to be men, but they’re not dicks about it and, just as I would expect an alpha hero to step up and stop someone from kicking a dog or raising a hand to a kid in the street, I expect him to protect his friends and family, including the woman he loves. 

It’s integrity.  It’s honor.  It’s code.  It’s a man who sees those same qualities in the woman he’s in love with, admires her for it, supports it, and would fight to the death for her, knowing she’d do the same for him.  Alphas embody every positive trait a woman could want, really.  Their heroes and warriors and soldiers.

What woman wouldn’t want a guy like that?

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Anonymous asked: I would love to see her mom in the present. I picture her being really forward and flirtatious. She would make inappropriate comments about how attractive Oliver is and embarrass Felicity. She probably has no boundaries when it comes to her morals. She maybe doesn't appreciate Felicitys intellect. What do you think?

I’d love to see her in flashbacks but in the present, too.  I know lots of people were fascinated by the father (I am, too, and I think he’ll be a villain), but I was really intrigued by Felicity’s inability to describe her mother.  I love a great mom character.  I think Felicity’s mom will wind up a tougher than nails, no nonsense, more than slightly mercenary woman with a few secrets up her sleeve.  I think she, like just about everybody else, is way more than she appears.  I can’t wait to find out!  I just want to see Oliver meet the Mom and go all sexy protective so she doesn’t hurt Felicity in any way.  Oh, and to see Felicity and her mom have *that* conversation about her relationship/feelings about Oliver.  Cause I wanna see Felicity put the smack down.  LOL.