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Anonymous asked: Pt 2) He literally goes Alpha male on Felicity and that is such an honest response after being away for so long from a woman he was so much in love with. It's really funny because you keep on cock-blocking Olicity in Sins and every time I'm just like, "come on!" Hopefully something will happen now that she's moving in with him. *wink x100000* Keep up the writing, like I seriously love it and you :)

I know. I do.  I’m horrible.  LOL.  It’s partly why Oliver and Felicity’s first meet in Sins happened the way it did.  I knew I was going to wedge them apart once “reality” set in.  But if they’re alone in a room - or hallway, or car, or, well, pretty much anywhere - they have a tendency to start getting naked together in this fic. LOL.  Which is fine with me, but once the sex happens again, it has to mean something.  It has to change things.  It has to solve some issues while creating brand new ones.  So when it does happen again (and it will, I promise), it should be a game changer.

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Anonymous asked: One question. We know that episode about Felicity is called 'Oracle'. And we know who Oracle was, so after Felicity get injured after the date... is that possible that she will be on wheelchair? Is there any photo from filming episode 2-3?

I really have a hard time believing that Arrow will stick Felicity in a wheelchair (and by this question I assume you mean ala Batgirl with the paralysis and everything), especially given we know she travels outside of Starling City, crossing over to Central City for Episode 4 of the Flash.  I mean, we’ve seen teasers that there’s some kind of “double date” scenario going on (literal or otherwise) and if Felicity is landed in a wheelchair, can you really see her going there for that, described in that way? 

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Vote Arrow & Emily: 2014 Teen Choice Awards

Don’t forget, as the Teen Choice Awards moves quickly toward wrap up, to vote for Arrow (Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi show) and Emily Bett Rickards aka Felicity Smoak (TV Female Breakout Star) in the Teen Choice Awards.  The site was a little weird for me earlier but it seems to have gotten a bit better.  So hopefully you won’t run into issues when voting.

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Since apparently I’m not the only one who somehow missed the 6th and final installment in the Blood Rush series (seriously, how the heck did I miss it?  I watch every episode!), here it is.  There were 6 episodes in the full series and I collected them on a playlist on my channel, which you can find here.

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1/ favorite olicity moments

I loved this exchange.  I like how Oliver appreciates her skills and is always amazed by what she can do. I think that’s one of the reasons I like Oliver and Felicity together so much.  She’s always expecting people to react negatively to what she does / who she is.  Oliver always surprises her by thinking she’s remarkable. 

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