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sminorffxx asked: Oliver needs a light, and that light is Felicity.

He definitely need something.  Oliver without Felicity isn’t, at least for me, as like-able or rootworthy as he is when he’s with her.  She really does boost his character somehow.  Nobody can figure out how/why but yet they all feel it.  It’s interesting.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I love all the Arrow quotes you've posted today. But in one of them you had a "no moonlighting curse" tag and I was wondering what does that mean? I'm not from the Americas that's probably why I don't know. Lol. Thank you!

The Moonlighting Curse refers to the ratings nosedive shows take after having romantic pairs sleep together/commit to each other.  It’s a dive the show never recovers from and cancellation follows.  It’s funny because I have memories of reading an article where the Moonlighting creator (head writer? somebody) said it was bull.  Moonlighting sank due to a combination of craziness, some of it out of their hands (writer’s strike).  I went on about it back in June 2014 in a post called Olicity & the Moonlighting Curse

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Anonymous asked: Alright so where are all these gifs about "was that a gun" coming from? Like are they from a new trailer? If so, can you post the link?

Those are from the CW Fall 2014 Sizzle promo released the other day.  It includes a bunch of the CW shows, like Arrow, and you can find it here.

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Hey fellow Arrow fans, if you have a minute head over to Zap2It’s Fandom Wars. As you can see, our dear green-hooded hero is up against the Winchester brothers. Last I checked, at 3 p.m. Friday, Arrow is neck and neck with SPN. (Psst, you can vote more than once, if you’re so inclined)

Kick butt! wow! Arrow fans closing the gap and fast. That’s awesome!  So keep voting.  Great work, everybody!  You can vote more than once, btw, by just clicking that “Return to poll” link.

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Just for clarity re the previous quotes…

The interview snippets and vids I linked below were, from what I could tell, done during the UK/Spain media trips Emily took several months ago in June, I believe it was.

Cause the vid I was watching (apparently instantly switched to private by the account holder, wth, man?) they were wearing:

Which are the same outfits from pics in this article published at the end of June.

San Diego Comic Con was July 24-27. 

I’ve had people messaging me about comments and quotes and timelines, so I wanted to straighten it the timeline a bit.  It’s not “new” new stuff.

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Anonymous asked: Is there a way you can rewatch the vid and record your screen? Ridiculous of them not to release it properly... yeesh

And no.  :(  Don’t have access anymore.  Booooo. I really hope they release it at some point.  I’ll keep an eye out for it and if they do (I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t?!) I’ll link again. 

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