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Anonymous asked: Hello. Absolutely loving 'Sins'!! Also have a Olicity vid question. Do you know if one has been made to Paloma Faith's "Only Love Can Hurt Like This"? I had that playing in my mind when reading Ch 9 of Sins. Also, do you think we will ever find out the name of the "Olicity Theme" used in Season 2? I asks the q after Ep 7 and you tried to find out (thanks again for that) but didn't get a response from the composer. I'm hoping that it they release a soundtrack it will be included. Cheers - Sasi K

Thanks, Sasi! Glad you liked the chapter.  :)  I don’t recall an Olicity vid to Only Love Hurts Like This.  Someone might know of one.  Vid makers?  Watchers?  Is there one?

Don’t know if we’ll find out the name of the track.  I did ask but no response.  I’m thinking maybe once the Season 2 soundtrack comes out in September.  It will probably be on there. 

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Spoilers! Arrow at Comic-Con: Get Scoop ....

Lots of good bits in this recap of Arrow’s comic con panel from Eonline.  Don’t forget their comment section is really easy to use, so if you have time, drop an Olicity comment in there, along with whatever else you’re excited about.  :)

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