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Updated! Sins - Chapter 14 by Smoak & Arrow (rated M)

This has been a super busy week, so an extra thank you for the patience in waiting for this update.  This is written in response to stilettoroyalty's Olicity Haitus Challenge.  Awesome prompt as always!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy.  An extra note, however, for this chapter.  It does discuss miscarriage, which may be trigger material for some.  So please be aware. 

Chapter Summary: Oliver confronts his demon.  Felicity shares her.

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Anonymous asked: Hello... i'm writing to you bc i consider you a Olicity guru and i not trying to be weird or anything ... so even in my bad days i can manage not to be pissed at the haters on our ship bc hey everyone is entitled to have a opinion and stuff but drives me nuts when a magazine our in this case MTV treats my OTP with disregard and puts it like its nothing that really pisses me of... how do you manage to just keep calm and stuff bc i cant

I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to, Anon, but I think maybe you’re talking about the MTV article about the Season 2.5 comics?   I didn’t take it badly if that is what you’re referring to (i.e. their question: How about the whole Olicity angle? Oliver didn’t exactly declare any feelings for Felicity in the finale – quite the opposite, in fact – but in the season three premiere, we know they’re going on a date.) because…. Hm.  Okay.  Back up a bit.

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Arrow Season 2.5 Digital Comic Info

Everybody’s been asking and Marc Guggenheim was sweet enough to tweet me back with an answer:

Q: How many digital chapters are there for Arrow Season 2.5?

A: 24 chapters [x]

Issue # release date: 9/1/14

Issue #2 release date: 9/15/14

Subsequent issues are supposed to be released following that same pattern (every other week).  Print copies (collecting two digital chapters per issue according to Entertainment Weekly) will begin publishing in October.  As with the season 1.5 editions, there should also be anthology volumes (1 and 2 most likely) later.

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Anonymous asked: I love your fic Sins with everything in me! Will it extend past the the last Flash Fic prompt? Thanks!!

Sins is part of stilettoroyalty's Olicity Hiatus Challenge, giving a prompt each week during the break, so I assume once Season 3 starts, her prompts will end.  I don't know how long Sins will go.  I have it loosely sketched out “toward” the end but no idea how many chapters more that will turn out to be.  So if it goes beyond the supplied prompts… yes.  I'll keep writing it til its done.

Flash Fic (which I’m writing The Love Business for) are weekly installments written, edited, and posted in 60 minutes.  Those prompts will end when the new season starts as well.  But if I’m not done with that story, I’ll keep going until it’s done, too.

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We’re certainly moving him and her in that direction, and over the course of the comic we’ll see them growing closer and closer. That will tie in pretty nicely for the season premiere.
Marc Guggenheim on Oliver and Felicity. MTV news interview deals with “Arrow” Season 2.5 comics. Lots of things that could be considered spoilers (X)

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